Brief Profile
TISS Tuljapur Campus Library (TTCL) supports and facilitates teaching, learning & research programs of the institute and acts as a catalyst in accomplishing institute’s mission to become one of the pioneer centers with the state of the art research and best quality education in the field of Rural Development. Building excellent collection in the area of Social Sciences and Rural Development is the main object of the library. It houses print as well as electronic resources based on current needs of the users. The library has more than 25000 documents including project reports, thesis & dissertations & back volumes and over 900 documentary films and e-books in the form of CD/DVDs. It subscribes to over 120 national & international journals & magazines (print) of repute in the field of Social Sciences and allied subjects.
The collection of the library is strengthened by enabling access to the prominent electronic journals (10,000+) and e-books (180+) in the field of Social Sciences and allied subjects to further the teaching, learning and research programmes of the institute. It provides seamless discovery and access to these scholarly resources, and assists faculty, students, and staff with professional support to find, evaluate, manage, and use information resources. Access to e-resources is made available to users through IP based & Remote Login based facility (http://library.tiss.edu/eresources.html). To provide wide publicity and access to the information produced by TTC community the Library has created an Institutional Repository using dspace open source software ( and uploaded the scholarly work of the TTC community. The library is fully computerized with KOHA an integrated library management system; users can access the resources of the library through Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) by 24x7 from their desktop. Library Blog has been created to keep the users abreast of their subject area (http://tiss-library.blogspot.in/).
Tuljapur Campus Library Hours
During Academic Session:
  • Monday to Saturday : 9.30 a.m.–11.45 p.m.
  • Sundays: 10.00 a.m. –11.45 p.m.
  • Monday to Sundays : 9.30a.m. –2.00 a.m. (next day) (during examination)
During Vacation Period:
  • Monday to Saturday : 9.30 a.m. –05.45 p.m.
  • Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays
Tuljapur Campus Library Collections and Services:
The library is striving hard to keep pace with the expansion of institutes academic programmes by strengthening the collection acquiring full range of core collection, both physical and digital. The Collection building has undergone a metamorphosis, from print-only format; it has shifted to print-and-online and to online-only formats. Presently, the library provides access to over 90% of online journals. However, it is no longer possible for a research library to build its collection in vacuum, collaboration among institutions is essential. The library has established links particularly with TISS Mumbai, TISS Hyderabad & TISS Guwahati Libraries to provide wide access to prominent and classical resources of these libraries. The library collection comprising of books, bound volumes, journals (Print only, print +online) theses, reports, and other reading material as on 1 December 2015 stands as follows:


Facilities & Information Services:
  • Document Delivery Services (DDS)
Library arranges to get photocopies of articles from journals, conference proceedings and sources that are not available in its collection from other libraries. This service is provided for academic and research purpose to the faculty, research scholars, students and staff, who are members of the library. Members are requested to send a formal request to the library with complete bibliographic details of documents required or members may send request through e-mail at library.tuljapur@tiss.edu.
  • Inter Library Loan (ILL) Facility
Library arranges to borrow documents that are not available in its collection, on Inter Library Loan from other libraries. This is done on an Institution-to-Institution basis. Such materials will have to be handled with utmost care and returned to the library well on time. This service is provided for academic and research purpose to the faculty, research scholars, students and staff  who are members of the library. Members are requested to send a formal request to the library with complete bibliographic details of documents required in a separate ILL form available in the library or members may send request through e-mail at library.tuljapur@tiss.edu.
  • Photocopy Facility
The Photocopy service is provided to the members of the library. Photocopying full document is against copy right act and library does not entertain it. Members are strictly prohibited of photocopying more than 20% of the document. Photocopy facility is located at the entrance of the library.
  • Wi-Fi Facility
The entire library is Wi-Fi enabled; members can use their laptops to access electronic resources subscribed by the library
  • Current Awareness Service
Periodically library circulates list of new books added to its collection through group e-mail. It also displays these books on new arrival stand installed in reference section and will be displayed for a week. These books can be reserved when they are on display and will be issued only after a week of display.
TDL is an Institutional Repository which provides access to the wealth of information produced by TTC community. It acts as catalyst in preserving & promoting the information & knowledge among TTC community for its growth & development. TDL resources include faculty & students publications, thesis & dissertation, project reports, newspaper clippings, annual reports etc.
The library blog updates the users with current and latest developments that take place in
societal and professional front.
  • Copyright & Fair Use
Library subscribes to Urkund - originality checking and plagiarism prevention software. The authenticity and originality of students/researchers work such as assignments, dissertations & thesis are verified.
  • Book Finder – WebOPAC
The resources of the library have been computerized with integrated library management software - KOHA. Three computers are installed at the entrance to locate library resources. Members can search the resources by author, title, subject, key words etc, online by 24x7.
  • Theme based Book Display
The library displays its own collection to create awareness among the users about the collection based on the themes on important occasions/days of the year.
Library Membership and Borrowing Previleges
  • Library Membership:
    Membership Privileges to TISS community
The faculty, staff & students of the Institute are required to enroll as members of the Library (upon joining the Institute) by submitting a duly filled in library membership form available at the library circulation desk. This entitles the users to use the resources & services offered for the purpose of academic and research work. Institute Identity Card is a must for issue & return of learning resources.
  • Borrowing Privileges:
  • Alumni/Individuals/Institutional Membership
Library serves primarily TISS Tuljapur community, however, Alumni/Individuals/Institutes can become library member and avail services and facilities. Alumni/Individual members are required to produce proof of identification. Alumni/Individuals/Institutional members are allowed to access e-resources and Internet facility at the library, no remote login facility is extended.
    • Library Membership Fee:
  • Day Membership Facility:
All outside users who are pursuing their academic/research study are allowed to use library facilities and services subject to the following conditions.
  • He/She must submit duly signed Day Membership form along with the following documents:
- Valid Address viz. Electricity Bill, Ration card, Driving License etc.
- Valid Identity proof viz. College Identity card, Employee card, Aadhar card,
Driving License, Voter card etc.
  • Day Membership Fee:
  • Circulation of Library Resources (Books & other reading materials):
  • During Academic Session:
09.30 hrs to 22.00 hrs (Monday to Saturday)
10.00 hrs to17.00 hrs (Sunday)
During Vacation Period:
09.30 hrs to 17.00 hrs (Monday to Saturday)
No issue & return transactions on Sundays & Public Holidays.
Resources borrowed from the library shall be returned on or before the due date during library working hours.
  • Renewals
Library resources can be renewed, if there are no reservations on them by other users. Same materials will not be renewed more than once. Borrower has to bring the material physically to the Library for renewal. The resources issued other than books will not be renewed.
  • Recall
Library may recall a book/s at any time before it’s due date. It is mandatory to return the book/s when it is recalled. The overdue charges may be increased for failure to return a book, when it is due or recalled.
  • Reservation
Members can reserve only those materials, which are already issued at the Circulation Desk. One reader can reserve maximum two books at any given time. Intimation of availability of reserved items will be sent through e-mail. Reserved books will be put on hold at the Circulation Desk for maximum two working days from the date of return by previous borrower. If a member who has reserved the book fails to pick up the same within this period, the reservation stands cancelled.
  • Loss of / Damage to Library Materials
The Loss of book/s must be reported immediately. Members shall take note that overdue fine, if any will be charged till the loss of book/s is reported. If the original book is returned after reporting it lost, the fine will be calculated till the date of its return. If the book is lost/damaged borrower will have to replace the book with same edition or with latest edition within 30 days from reporting, along with overdue charges or the borrower will be charged triple the cost of the book if it is not replaced. Borrower must pay double the price of the book, if the lost book is out of print/out of stock. A fine of Rs.100/- will be charged for the loss of Compendium/Files etc.
  • Reserve Shelf Collection
Reserve Shelf consists of text and reference books recommended by faculty for different courses which are likely to be in heavy demand during the semester are identified and kept in Reserve Shelf. These are non-renewable books & issued to the faculty and students for a period of only 2 days.
  • Issue of books in Vacation
Except the students who are in final semester of their program, remaining library members can borrow books during the vacation period as per the normal rules.
  • Books Issued, Personal Books & other reading materials
Members are allowed to bring issued books, their personal books and other reading materials inside the Library. These items should bear the respective members name and ID Number. Members will have to produce these items at the Security Check point at the main entrance every time while entering in, and leaving the Library.
  • Late Fee (applies to all categories of users except Faculty Members):
Overdue charges are levied on the members for the items returned after due date. The borrowing facility shall be suspended, if the net accumulated late fee exceeds Rs. 300/-. Borrower account will be activated, only once the late fee is paid, and the books are returned.
  • General Books
  • Rs.1.00 per day (First-7 days) 
  • Rs.2.00 per day (8th day and onwards)
  • Reserve Shelf Books
  • Rs. 5.00 per day (First-7 days) 
  • Rs. 10.00 per day (8th day and onwards)
  • General Guidelines:
The Library is a space for common study and research, members are requested to maintain peace and observe dignified silence within the Library premises.
  • Users are requested to bring their institute ID card, while coming to the Library. It is must for borrowing Library materials and is not transferable
  • All members are requested to keep their personal belongings at the Property Counter at their own risk. Library is not responsible for loss or damage
  • Members are requested to handle the learning resources with utmost care. Mutilation, writing, scribbling, marking, cutting pages will be viewed seriously and could result in library privileges being withdrawn
  • Documents marked as “Reference Copy” are to be consulted within the library premises only
  • Learning resources issued from the library are to be returned at the Circulation counter only during its working hours on or before due date
  • Members are held responsible for all items issued on their name, until they are returned to the Library
  • Members are requested to check the books & other reading materials thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, any damages, markings etc. before borrowing
  • No books in damaged conditions will be accepted from the members. Mutilated or spoiled books may have to be replaced with new copy by the borrower
  • The borrowing facility can be restricted or suspended in case of misbehavior or misuse of Library facilities/materials
  • Faculty and staff going on long leave, with or without salary, deputation, study leave, or extraordinary leave will have to return all borrowed materials before leaving the institute
  • Please do not re-shelve the books leave them on the table library staff will arrange them
  • Members are not allowed to study in the stack room area
  • No material from the Library should be taken out without proper issue. Any type of violation may lead to a disciplinary action
  • Alumni/Individuals/Institutional members are allowed to use the library facilities and services only with the permission of the Librarian
  • Please keep mobile phone in silent mode. The audible use of mobile phone is not permitted in the Library premises
  • Do not attempt to access, distribute or display material which is offensive, obscene, defamatory etc. If a member is found guilty of the same such behavior will be viewed seriously and this may invite penalty and disciplinary action
  • Use of personal stereos, music sets and walkmans are not permitted in Library
  • Smoking, eatables and drinks are not allowed in the Library premises
Library Advisory Committee
The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) plays an advisory role in building and strengthening the collection of the library in tune with teaching, learning and research programmes of the institute.
  • To provide a platform to discuss and deliberate users needs and issues
  • To advise the library on policy matters with respect to its resources, services & facilities
  • To act as catalyst between the library and its user community
  • To facilitate smooth functioning of library
  • To advise and support library in implementing cutting edge technology
  • Represent the views of the stakeholders about library resources and services
  • Develop and formulate the policies for library and to ensure the best possible support is provided
  • Suggest need based collection and promote institute’s intellectual knowledge for wider publicity
  • Ensure financial accountability and responsibility in the provision of library collection
  • Propose technological up-gradation for better library services
  • Share insights on such issues which are affecting library
  • Promote the library to internal and external users
  • Report higher authorities on vital matters
Tenure and Frequency of Meeting:
The members will serve for the term of Two years. The meeting of LAC will be held once in six months.
LAC will report to the Director, TISS Mumbai.
Members of LAC
Prof. Abdul Shaban,
Deputy Director,
TISS Tuljapur campus, Tuljapur
Member Secretary
Dr. Veeresh Hanchinal
Deputy Librarian, TISS Tuljapur


Dr. Ramesh Jare
TISS Tuljapur
Prof. Bipin Das
TISS Tuljapur
Dr. Anjali Kulkarni
TISS Tuljapur
Dr. Sampat Kale
TISS Tuljapur
Dr. Byasa Moharana
TISS Tuljapur
Dr Satish Kanamadi
Librarian, TISS Mumbai Campus


TISS Tuljapur Campus Library Team

Dr. Veeresh B. Hanchinal
Deputy Librarian
Mob: +919422280401
Tel: 9270105223 Extn.426
Ms. Preeti Mendhe
Semi-Prefessional Assistant
Tel: 9270105223 Extn: 415
Mr. Laxmikant Khole
Library Assistant
Tel: 9270105223 Extn: 412
Mr. Sanjay Chaudhari
Library Assistant
Tel: 9270105223 Extn: 413
Mr. Devida Digamber Chandanshive
Head Peon
Tel: 9270105223 Extn: 413
Mr. Vishnu Dhanke
Tel: 9270105223 Extn: 413
Mrs. Rekha Kuntaphale
Tel: 9270105223 Extn: 413
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