PG Diploma in Digital Library and Information Management (PGDLIM)

If the present investment on education continues, then there will be huge increase in number of Digital Libraries in future and very few digital librarians to ensure success in managing them. Being offered since 2010, this is a dual mode programme of 36 credits of one year duration and uses contact classes as well as extensive online learning plaform Moodle.

Much emphasis is given in this course on integration of research, communication and education on a digital platform. The programme is unique in its curriculum, content and delivery and no other university in India offers this programme. It is doing well and attracts candidates from across India from organizations like NGOs, school libraries, public libraries, academic and research institutes.


Main objectives of this programme are:

  • To build and maintain the reservoir of memory to conserve and communicate culture, heritage, science, art and folk tradition of the nation

  • To prepare students in the application of ICT for selection, organization and preservation of knowledge for use.

  • To bring out the competent human resource to promote access to the traditional and socially useful knowledge by the process of digitization

  • To involve in capacity building activities to create a development oriented, people friendly learning support system.

Career Opportunities:

More and more organizations in India are embarking on new concepts in handling information with the changing times. Information formats have changed rapidly from print on paper to digital formats. There is a need for qualified and trained Library and Information Management professionals to take lead and guide developments in helping the end users in the changing environment.


  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLISc) or Masters of Library and Information Science (MLISc) from any recognized university.

  • Preference will be given to candidates with relevant work experience


The Admission notification will be issued on website

Please register online and complete the application process. Telephonic Interview will be held for all eligible candidates and the result would be published on the website.


The Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Library and Information Management has 8 courses (7 Theory and 1 Fieldwork). Details are as follows:

Prospectus: Download the copy of the latest prospectus from here


Being offered since 2010, so far about 125 students have successfully completed this PG Diploma. They are all working in various domains like academic and research institutes, univeristies, public libraries, school libraries and NGOs.

Following is the link to the details of the alumnus of this programme.

  1. 2010-11 Batch

  2. 2011-12 Batch

  3. 2012-13 Batch

  4. 2013-14 Batch

  5. 2014-15 Batch

  6. 2015-16 Batch