SDTM Library uses most effective and most trusted plagiarism prevention tool i.e Urkund: Originality Checking & Plagiarism Prevention, a web-based solution that lets educators and their students check written work for improper citation or misappropriated content. All the Theses and Dissertations and some students assignments are subjected to plagirism check through Urkund.

This new tool URKUND has a centralised process of scanning documents for plagiarism. This is offered by Computer Centre. Please submit your documents to the folowing email ID to ascertain your Urkund Plagiarism Report.


Submission email:
Tel: 022-25525292
Mrs.Pallavi / Mr.Manohar


Submission email: :

Name: Veeresh Hanchinal


Submission email:

Name: Ms.Sewali Patowari


Submission email:

Name: Mr.Srinivas Vemula

Prohibition against Plagiarism

  1. A student can not memplagiat any ideas, writings, data or creation of others.
  2. Without prejudice to the generality, a student when he/she memplagiat -
  3. publishes, with himself/herself as the author, a summary, articles, scientific or academic papers, or books that are wholly or partly written by several others.
  4. allow himself/herself combined as an author with a summary, articles, scientific or academic paper or book, when he/she did not make any direct contribution to the written summaries, articles, scientific or academic paper, or book
  5. forcing others to enter his/her name in the list of researchers with the publication when he/she does not make any contribution that can qualify himself/herself as a researcher with the author
  6. to copy ideas or inventions of others stored in any form, whether written, printed or available in electronic form or in the form of slides, or in any form of teaching or research tools or in any other form and declare whether directly or indirectly that he/she is the creator of the idea or creation itself
  7. translating the writings or inventions other than one language to another language whether or not in whole or in part, and then submit the translation in any form or manner as writing of own creation
  8. cites the idea of writing or creation of other people and make some modifications without proper reference to original sources and put that idea back in any way as if he/she is the creator of ideas


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