SDTM Library uses plagiarism prevention tool i.e Turnitin: Originality Checking & Plagiarism Prevention, a web-based solution that lets educators and their students check written work for improper citation or misappropriated content. All the Theses / Dissertations and Assignments are subjected to plagirism check, as per the decision of faculty concerned.

Plagiarism Check within TISSOL

For Course Teachers:

You will be able to check the similarity in student submissions within TISSOL. The procedure to include Turnitin in your Course on TISSOL is very simple. Your students will be able to see their similarity reports themselves. They can also revise their assignment and resubmit the same until the due date.

Please refer the easy to follow “Turnitin Manual for Course Teachers”- Turnitin for Teachers can be downloaded here

For Students:

As a student you can do a plagiarism check of your assignment on TISSOL platofrm itself. Students are encouraged to use it this way. On TISSOL, this service will be listed alongwith your assignment in your course on TISSOL portal. If you do not find Turnitin provision there, then please request your course teacher to add the same. Its a simple task to add Turnitin as an activity in TISSOL.

The Manual on plagiarism check- Turnitin for Students can be downloaded here.

Students are encouraged to check their assignments for plagiarism in TISSOL. However, if you still want to get your assignment checked through library, then you are required to submit your assignment to the following campus specific email ids . Student must adhere to following instructions , otherwise the request will not be serviced.

  1. Always submit assignment file using only official TISS email id and NOT any other ids.

  2. Assign proper name (Name or Roll No) to your file.

  3. Do not submit multiple assignments. Please send seperate email for each document.

  4. Each assignment must be a SINGLE document (PDF or Word). Do not send assignment in parts, as it will not indicate correct percentage of plagiarism/similarity.

  5. You will receive your report as soon as possible, depending upon the prevailing work load. Please DO NO resubmit your assignment within 8 hours of your submission.

Campus Specific Email Ids for Submission: